Notre Dame Boys Basketball

By Michael McCutcheon After finishing the regular season with a record of 19-6 and the first seed for the district tournament, the Irish fell to Boyd Buchanan in the district championship. This loss led to a two seed and a first round matchup against Concord Christian in the region quarterfinal. In this game, the Irish quickly got back to their winning ways, smothering the opposing team defensively, and cruising to a 60-45 victory. This win locked up a spot in the state tournament and an upcoming battle against Webb School of Knoxville in the region semifinal. Continue reading Notre Dame Boys Basketball

Show Review: Attack on Titan

By Ayden Dant Attack on Titan explores the life of Eren Yeager, who, like the rest of humanity, is forced to live within the safety of three, massive walls. These 50-meter-tall barricades offer protection from man-eating monsters, called titans. Ranging from 3-15 meters, titans mercilessly kill out of pleasure, and it is the Survey Corps’, a branch of the military’s job to venture outside of the walls and hunt titans that get too close. The three walls prove effective until, unprecedentedly, they are breached by a previously unknown Colossal and Armored Titan. Motivated by the destruction of their home, Eren, … Continue reading Show Review: Attack on Titan

Book Reports

Nina Combs Little Women by Louisa May Alcott Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott is a compelling example of how strong literature can portray the lives and conflicts of a human life, not only that but a novel that demonstrates the strength and beauty of the heart and mind of women. You may have heard of this coming-of-age novel either from a past English class or from the 2019 film starring Timothee Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, and Florence Pugh. The novel follows the lives of the four March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. The four sisters do not … Continue reading Book Reports

Letting Go To “Lent” God In

By Hannah Morais For most holidays and events, both in and out of the Catholic faith, we receive things such as presents, food, candy, and cards. However, there is one season in the Church that asks us to give something up: Lent. Lent is a time to fast from things holding us back from an incredible relationship with God. It is also a time to add things to our daily routines that can help us grow in our faith. This being said, Lent can also feel like a burden, this year more than ever for many of us. Haven’t we … Continue reading Letting Go To “Lent” God In


By Vanessa Lewis Spanglish is a movie that sees a mother and her daughter moving from Mexico to the United States in search of a better life. The mother, Flor, is willing to do whatever it takes to give her daughter the life she never had. In pursuit of this she accepts a job for an upscale family as a family helper. Flor later introduces her daughter Christina to the family, the mother of which instantly falls in love with her. Even though the mother already had children (a son and a daughter), she clings onto Christina and gives her … Continue reading Spanglish

Marigold by Pinegrove Review

By Brendan Downes Strong tonal consistency can be an artist’s greatest crutch or the key to solidifying their work. The genius of Pinegrove is their ability to create consistently familiar music without relying on overused or cliché subjects. The familiar sound of Marigold is enforced by Pinegrove’s radiant blend of indie rock and folk, as well as the poetic lyrics that direct their energy into compelling stories told through music. Marigold is easy for me to recommend because it understands and knows what it wants to be. Pinegrove confidently showcases the folk style in an indie rock setting. Though Marigold … Continue reading Marigold by Pinegrove Review

Respect for All

Hannah Morais January, the Sanctity of Life month, has just ended, and with it, the virtual March for Life and numerous other Pro-Life rallies. However, this does not mean that the respect for every life, no matter how small, should end as well. The Catholic Church teaches that all humans have a right to live, from the moment of conception to natural death. If you have taught at or attended Catholic schools for several years, then you have heard the above phrase every year when January rolls around and you probably have it memorized by now, but it truly embodies … Continue reading Respect for All

Ok Human by Weezer: Review

By Brendan Downes With Weezer’s OK Human, the veteran band proves it has something new to say. OK Human defies the principal element of all rock music from the past century by featuring absolutely no electric guitar, in favor of an orchestral score. Though Rivers Cuomo, lead singer and songwriter of Weezer, is known for writing catchy hits guided by the flowing riffs of his electric guitar, he proves a 38-piece orchestra gets the job done just as well. “All My Favorite Songs” and “Here Comes the Rain” are filled with elevating moments of musical bliss, while songs like “Numbers” … Continue reading Ok Human by Weezer: Review

WandaVision: Review

By Ayden Dant WandaVision is Disney’s newest addition to the MCU universe, and first of many Disney+ shows in 2021. It is a multilayered drama and offers great surprises and explanations about the Marvel Universe, to those viewers willing to give it a chance. The show introduces itself as a silly 60s sitcom, exploring the lives of two superheroes attempting to blend in. The producers of WandaVision even decided to release the first few episodes in all black-and-white, as well as a windowed screen, in order to further emulate the older-style television. Wanda, who has powers of manipulation, tries her … Continue reading WandaVision: Review

Unique Food Combinations

By Nina Combs and Nico Garcia School days can be long, and classes can be stressful why should making snacks for yourself be a burden after a long day? Here are some odd quick snacks that you haven’t thought of to make at home. Olive oil + Ice cream Some of you may have heard of this, but I certainly have not. Take a scoop of ice cream and drizzle some olive oil for a quick fun sweet twist to your day. The olive oil surprisingly offsets the sweetness of the ice cream making a smooth delicious snack to have … Continue reading Unique Food Combinations