Letting Go To “Lent” God In

By Hannah Morais For most holidays and events, both in and out of the Catholic faith, we receive things such as presents, food, candy, and cards. However, there is one season in the Church that asks us to give something up: Lent. Lent is a time to fast from things holding us back from an incredible relationship with God. It is also a time to add things to our daily routines that can help us grow in our faith. This being said, Lent can also feel like a burden, this year more than ever for many of us. Haven’t we … Continue reading Letting Go To “Lent” God In

Respect for All

Hannah Morais January, the Sanctity of Life month, has just ended, and with it, the virtual March for Life and numerous other Pro-Life rallies. However, this does not mean that the respect for every life, no matter how small, should end as well. The Catholic Church teaches that all humans have a right to live, from the moment of conception to natural death. If you have taught at or attended Catholic schools for several years, then you have heard the above phrase every year when January rolls around and you probably have it memorized by now, but it truly embodies … Continue reading Respect for All

Ok Human by Weezer: Review

By Brendan Downes With Weezer’s OK Human, the veteran band proves it has something new to say. OK Human defies the principal element of all rock music from the past century by featuring absolutely no electric guitar, in favor of an orchestral score. Though Rivers Cuomo, lead singer and songwriter of Weezer, is known for writing catchy hits guided by the flowing riffs of his electric guitar, he proves a 38-piece orchestra gets the job done just as well. “All My Favorite Songs” and “Here Comes the Rain” are filled with elevating moments of musical bliss, while songs like “Numbers” … Continue reading Ok Human by Weezer: Review

WandaVision: Review

By Ayden Dant WandaVision is Disney’s newest addition to the MCU universe, and first of many Disney+ shows in 2021. It is a multilayered drama and offers great surprises and explanations about the Marvel Universe, to those viewers willing to give it a chance. The show introduces itself as a silly 60s sitcom, exploring the lives of two superheroes attempting to blend in. The producers of WandaVision even decided to release the first few episodes in all black-and-white, as well as a windowed screen, in order to further emulate the older-style television. Wanda, who has powers of manipulation, tries her … Continue reading WandaVision: Review

Unique Food Combinations

By Nina Combs and Nico Garcia School days can be long, and classes can be stressful why should making snacks for yourself be a burden after a long day? Here are some odd quick snacks that you haven’t thought of to make at home. Olive oil + Ice cream Some of you may have heard of this, but I certainly have not. Take a scoop of ice cream and drizzle some olive oil for a quick fun sweet twist to your day. The olive oil surprisingly offsets the sweetness of the ice cream making a smooth delicious snack to have … Continue reading Unique Food Combinations

A Brief History of Catholic Schools Week

By Ben Jungels Running from January 31st to February 6th, Catholic Schools week is a time for Catholic educators from across the nation to come together in celebration of their faith. Across 8,000 schools more than 2 million students attend catholic school in the us. During this week, schools celebrate the benefits that come with a Catholic education through mass and student events. But where did this tradition stem from and why? This tradition began in 1974 and is sponsored by the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA). It is performed as a means of encouraging engagement in students and their … Continue reading A Brief History of Catholic Schools Week

American Politics

By Amelia Hunt House democrats are currently making a case for Donald Trump’s conviction after the January 6th riots that aimed angry protestors “like a loaded cannon” towards Congress. They say that he endangered the lives of everyone in the building and unfoundedly claimed election fraud. Since his inauguration, Biden has signed 25 executive orders, the most ever signed in the same amount of time by a modern president. The orders range in subject from Covid to the environment and aim to reverse many of Trump’s presidential actions. Continue reading American Politics

The Pandiaries

Presented by the Girl Scouts We want to hear from you! 3 Notre Dame Girl Scouts, Amelia Hunt, Bea Davis, and Nina Combs are working on a project as they journey to their Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. The goal of their project is to collect stories from YOU about your experiences during the pandemic, whether you have had the virus or not. Their website, Pandiary (pandemic diary), is a place to share anything you have experienced during COVID-19. Entries are anonymous, so feel free to talk about any struggles you have faced, things you … Continue reading The Pandiaries

National Holidays

By Olivia Mildenberger TODAY Many people may not know this but yesterday was World Osteoporosis Day. Around fifty-four million Americans suffer from this life changing disease. Not only is it expensive to deal with this disease, but it also can seriously affect your mobility. Osteoporosis causes the body to not make enough bone, lose serious amounts of bone, and make the bones so brittle that just a sneeze can cause a fracture. Constant pain is present with Osteoporosis patients and it can even cause their height to change. If you know anyone who is suffering from Osteoporosis, make sure to … Continue reading National Holidays

Religion and Stress Relief

Open and Knock By Hannah Morais Doors can be so inconvenient. If one really wants to see their friend, it can be annoying to have to knock. Even when one knocks, there is no guarantee that the person behind the door will answer. For all they know, the person could be purposefully ignoring them! However, doors can also be a good thing. They can offer privacy, or a place to hide for someone who is stressed out. They can also hide secrets. Sometimes, the only way to reach someone is by knocking on their door, however tiresome it may be. Because if you do not knock, how will the person on the other side of the door know you … Continue reading Religion and Stress Relief