Show Review: Attack on Titan

By Ayden Dant Attack on Titan explores the life of Eren Yeager, who, like the rest of humanity, is forced to live within the safety of three, massive walls. These 50-meter-tall barricades offer protection from man-eating monsters, called titans. Ranging from 3-15 meters, titans mercilessly kill out of pleasure, and it is the Survey Corps’, a branch of the military’s job to venture outside of the walls and hunt titans that get too close. The three walls prove effective until, unprecedentedly, they are breached by a previously unknown Colossal and Armored Titan. Motivated by the destruction of their home, Eren, … Continue reading Show Review: Attack on Titan

COVID-19 Update

By Beatrice Davis In the coming weeks, 1 million vaccines a week will be directly shipped to 6,500 retail pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, etc) across the states. The increase in vaccine rollout stems from President Biden’s pledge to put “100 million vaccine doses into arms in the first 100 days of his administration” (NPR). So far, only 32 million vaccine doses have been administered since their approval on December 11, 2020. Continue reading COVID-19 Update

The Monologue Show

By Emma Pace The Monologue Show opened on a Friday night. Things looked very different from previousplays, due to COVID-19 safety protocols. Rehearsals began in September, but director Mrs.Moody only rehearsed one monologue at a time. Two weeks before the show, everyone wasfinally together on stage, wearing a mask the entire time. During the actual show, only 120people could be in the audience at one time, and most people reserved their tickets ahead of time.Still, even with the small audience and the masks, the cast and crew were buzzing withexcitement. With news that the first night was sold out, they … Continue reading The Monologue Show

Music Review: Room for Squares by John Mayer

By Brendan Downes Room for Squares, John Mayer’s debut album, remains as a prime example of guitar greatness and lyrical charm blended to create a modern feeling album with a classictouch. Though it is common for rock artists to have many inspirations, Mayer presents himself asa student of music in general. “Neon” exemplifies Mayer’s flowing rock riffs that feel like theywere written by an experienced jazz or blues artist. Mayer has no shame in letting his riffs speak for him, though this is not to mentionhis writing talent that is apparent throughout the whole album. Mayer lets every song tell … Continue reading Music Review: Room for Squares by John Mayer

Movie Review: The Little Prince

By Vanessa Lewis and Cara Steinmetz A rose, a prince, an aviator, a girl and a fox. In a world lacking character and seeking perfection these five things come to break this cycle. The story starts off with the little girl and her mother failing plan a, and having to move on to plan b. The mother has everything planned out for her daughter to the minute, hoping that this will give her daughter a successful life. Everything suddenly changes though, when the little girl meets the aviator. The aviator is not like anyone else in town, in fact people … Continue reading Movie Review: The Little Prince

Blessed, Not Stressed

By Hannah Morais Life can be so stressful. School, sports, friends, electronics, and extracurricular activities are great, but they can sometimes get in the way of truly taking time to relax. And now, exams are coming up, making pressure and homework rise higher and higher. Just getting through the day without feeling anxious or extremely overwhelmed can become increasingly difficult. Concentration at school becomes harder under stress, and it is easier to feel exhausted. There is a solution to the stress of our lives, though. We aren’t completely trapped in this cycle of busyness and craziness that takes charge over … Continue reading Blessed, Not Stressed

The History of Halloween

By Nina Combs  When someone says Halloween, most people think of trick or treating, witches, skeletons, or the song Thriller but the festival of Halloween runs deeper than the plastic decorations and sweet candy corn that many have come to love. Halloween was a tradition that originally stemmed from the Celts that lived in both ancient Britain and Ireland. Here the original name for the festival was known as Samhain. The festival was said to be a time where the souls of the dead would come back to revisit their homes and their loved ones. As tender as that notion … Continue reading The History of Halloween


Notre Dame Rock Climbing  By Olivia Mildenberger  My name is Olivia Mildenberger, and I am a member of the Notre Dame Rock Climbing Team. Joining this team is an amazing way to meet new people, have a fun way of exercising, and still have time for your schoolwork. Thanks to our amazing Captain, Isabella Wade, we were able to put this together. Rock climbing is a very laid-back sport. It is not a huge time commitment, but it is something that we want members to put their effort and heart into. Like many of our current members, you might have never climbed up a wall before. For … Continue reading Sports

Television Show Review: Unsolved Mysteries

By Vanessa Lewis and Cara Steinmetz  The show Unsolved Mysteries is a Netflix documentary series which just released a new season. The show follows different mysteries from all time periods that have never been solved. The victims’ families get a chance to tell their story. The show keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat, wondering what could have happened to each of the victims. Each episode is always different and always interesting. Unsolved Mysteries is not only for entertainment but also to raise awareness for the victims and their families. This show is a spinoff of the original Unsolved Mysteries which ended in 2010. … Continue reading Television Show Review: Unsolved Mysteries

Mary on Repeat

By Hannah Morais  Repetition leads to familiarity, familiarity leads to knowing, knowing leads to learning, and learning leads to growing. Basically, repetition is key to growing one’s brain, therefore maximizing one’s skills and one’s ability to learn other things. Whether one is studying for a test, practicing for a play, or shooting layups, repetition can help one to master the skill one is practicing so one can move on to a new, harder skill. Repetition is present in many places at school and at home, but it is also present in the Catholic faith. The Rosary is, at its most basic, a series of prayers that Catholics say to honor Mary and reflect upon the life of Jesus and Mary. There are only four different sets of mysteries said in the Rosary, and … Continue reading Mary on Repeat