World News

By Amelia Hunt

Vaccine Increases in the Next Few Weeks: Since the federal government has approved a third Covid-19 vaccine, the rates of vaccinations nationwide are going to be “much, much better” according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Despite the US’s decreasing cases in the last few weeks, new daily cases continue to hover around 60-70 thousand-which though an improvement is not in the safe zone yet. Dr. Fauci warns of being too quick to roll back regulations while new cases remain high.

Equatorial Guinea Blast Injures Hundreds, Kills 20: After what the country’s president called a mishandling of dynamite by the military, almost all the homes in the city of Bata, a city of 175,000, saw some amount of damage and 600 people were injured, and at least 20 killed in a blast that may have been caused by people burning the fields surrounding the barracks, causing a fire to start in a weapons depot. The country is now meeting with foreign officers and asking for aid.

Chattanooga Mayoral Candidates, Kim White and Tim Kelley: After counting the results of Chattanooga’s recent mayoral election, the two candidates headed for a runoff are Kim White, who received 29% of the vote, and Tim Kelley, who received 30%. Tim Kelley says his vision for Chattanooga is beyond party lines, saying he wants to help Chattanooga recover economically from Covid-19 and he says the city’s greatest asset is its people. Kim White says her focus is city-wide, and will concentrate on all neighborhoods in the city, beyond downtown. Of all the eligible voters in Chattanooga, only 25% voted.

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