Let’s Unite

By Hannah Marais

While I was writing this article, a song that I really like listening to came on my Alexa: “Bleed the Same,” by Mandisa. It is such a powerful song for the times of division and turmoil that many of us have noticed around us… or even in our own lives. The song deals not only with the unity that comes from not judging people by their skin color, but I think it could also be interpreted as pleading for unity between all people with different beliefs, feelings, and backgrounds. Last week was Foreign Language Week, and it had me thinking about a lot of these differences. We are all unique, but something beautiful happens when unalike people work together. For instance, imagine you are working on a group project with people you would not normally have chosen to work with. The project often causes disagreement amongst the group, and many of the group members, including you, want to give up. Eventually, though, every member contributes their gifts and talents to create an incredible and unique work product. When your group persevered, you were able to unite and conquer the challenges that lay before you. However, unity is a difficult concept to achieve because of the God-given free will we each possess, and our ability to choose the way we interact with others. Nevertheless, God created us for oneness in every aspect of our lives. My biggest prayer for us as a society is for unity that far surpasses all our differences and struggles. A people that unites under God and trusts that He will carry us through all our arguments and struggles. According to Mandisa, “We’re more beautiful when we come together.”

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