Marigold by Pinegrove Review

By Brendan Downes

Strong tonal consistency can be an artist’s greatest crutch or the key to solidifying their work. The genius of Pinegrove is their ability to create consistently familiar music without relying on overused or cliché subjects. The familiar sound of Marigold is enforced by Pinegrove’s radiant blend of indie rock and folk, as well as the poetic lyrics that direct their energy into compelling stories told through music.

Marigold is easy for me to recommend because it understands and knows what it wants to be. Pinegrove confidently showcases the folk style in an indie rock setting. Though Marigold slightly leans away from Pinegrove’s previous acoustic work, the influence of their roots is still visible. With Marigold, Pinegrove creates something that is uniquely them by integrating their established style with fresh ideas and catchy melodies.

Edited by Emma Pace

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