WandaVision: Review

By Ayden Dant

WandaVision is Disney’s newest addition to the MCU universe, and first of many Disney+ shows in 2021. It is a multilayered drama and offers great surprises and explanations about the Marvel Universe, to those viewers willing to give it a chance. The show introduces itself as a silly 60s sitcom, exploring the lives of two superheroes attempting to blend in. The producers of WandaVision even decided to release the first few episodes in all black-and-white, as well as a windowed screen, in order to further emulate the older-style television. Wanda, who has powers of manipulation, tries her best to fulfill the stereotypical role (during the set timeframe) as a housewife, and earn the acceptance of her neighbors. Vision, Wanda’s spouse, is a robot, who wears the disguise of a normal human, and tries equally as hard to fit in. At first glance, this mini-series seems like an episodic, unoriginal, attempt by Disney to grab some cash. However, as the show progresses, it is revealed that something isn’t quite right about Westview, the town in which the show takes place. Little hints are placed throughout each 20-minute adventure, indicating there is something else going on. These moments are presented as ‘glitches’ in the show, which are ‘fixed’ by Wanda. For example, in episode two, one of these ‘glitches’ appears as a person, dressed as a beekeeper, crawling out of a manhole. Wanda, rather than being confused by this, comes off as angry, as she goes back in time and prevents it from happening all together. The episode then continues for its final minutes as if nothing happened. Although these events grow in severity over each episode, Wanda always pushes them away, and continues on her daily routine. In episode three, another person appearing as a glitch is taken care of. Later in an after credits scene, however, the same character can be seen in full screen and color, being forcibly transported into a new, modern, community, presumably by Wanda. This scene shows what WandaVision is hiding, and peels off that first layer of mystery, in order to find out what is really happening. With episode 4 debuting last Friday, the show is progressing at a steady pace, and is projected to have nine episodes. Each episode is slowly putting all of the pieces of this puzzle together, and will no doubt satisfy viewers when completed, answering many questions of MCU fans everywhere.

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