Ok Human by Weezer: Review

By Brendan Downes

With Weezer’s OK Human, the veteran band proves it has something new to say. OK Human defies the principal element of all rock music from the past century by featuring absolutely no electric guitar, in favor of an orchestral score.

Though Rivers Cuomo, lead singer and songwriter of Weezer, is known for writing catchy hits guided by the flowing riffs of his electric guitar, he proves a 38-piece orchestra gets the job done just as well. “All My Favorite Songs” and “Here Comes the Rain” are filled with elevating moments of musical bliss, while songs like “Numbers” and “Bird with A Broken Wing” demonstrate the dramatic storytelling synonymous with Weezer.

Though this album may suffer from an over similarity from song to song, its execution of unique ideas should be commended, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a refreshing take on modern rock music.

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