A Brief History of Catholic Schools Week

By Ben Jungels

Running from January 31st to February 6th, Catholic Schools week is a time for Catholic educators from across the nation to come together in celebration of their faith. Across 8,000 schools more than 2 million students attend catholic school in the us. During this week, schools celebrate the benefits that come with a Catholic education through mass and student events. But where did this tradition stem from and why?

This tradition began in 1974 and is sponsored by the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA). It is performed as a means of encouraging engagement in students and their school as well as their faith. It serves to demonstrate the positive effects this faith has when intertwined with education. Every year has its own theme to showcase these benefits in a unique and special way. The official theme for 2021 is, “Catholic Schools: Faith, Excellence, and Service”.

In all, Catholic school’s week serves to broaden our understanding of the purpose of our faith when applied to the wider background of education in the United States.

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