The Monologue Show

By Emma Pace

The Monologue Show opened on a Friday night. Things looked very different from previous
plays, due to COVID-19 safety protocols. Rehearsals began in September, but director Mrs.
Moody only rehearsed one monologue at a time. Two weeks before the show, everyone was
finally together on stage, wearing a mask the entire time. During the actual show, only 120
people could be in the audience at one time, and most people reserved their tickets ahead of time.
Still, even with the small audience and the masks, the cast and crew were buzzing with
excitement. With news that the first night was sold out, they knew that they wanted to do their
best to restore some normalcy to the world with art.

The next three days went by far quicker than the cast and crew wanted them to. On the final
show, Sunday afternoon, the crowd was the loudest it had been. Cast members say it was a great
feeling to know that they had given the audience a little bit of laughter in this troubling time.
There is still no news regarding the spring show, but for now, everyone is simply grateful that
they had the opportunity to bring theatre back to Notre Dame!

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