Music Review: Room for Squares by John Mayer

By Brendan Downes

Room for Squares, John Mayer’s debut album, remains as a prime example of guitar
greatness and lyrical charm blended to create a modern feeling album with a classic
touch. Though it is common for rock artists to have many inspirations, Mayer presents himself as
a student of music in general. “Neon” exemplifies Mayer’s flowing rock riffs that feel like they
were written by an experienced jazz or blues artist.

Mayer has no shame in letting his riffs speak for him, though this is not to mention
his writing talent that is apparent throughout the whole album. Mayer lets every song tell its own
story without allowing them to feel out of place when presented in an album together. Every
song has its own quirks and characteristics, but a certain consistency fills each song creating a
series of stories meant to be told together.

Mayer is master of poetically piecing together descriptive songs. In Room for Squares,
he dedicates whole songs to almost indescribable feelings such as a nostalgic longing
yet disconnection to a past time in “83” or newfound revelations about the world in “No Such
Thing”. Mayer’s unique writing style places this album at the top of modern rock.

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