Movie Review: The Little Prince

By Vanessa Lewis and Cara Steinmetz

A rose, a prince, an aviator, a girl and a fox. In a world lacking character and seeking perfection these five things come to break this cycle. The story starts off with the little girl and her mother failing plan a, and having to move on to plan b. The mother has everything planned out for her daughter to the minute, hoping that this will give her daughter a successful life. Everything suddenly changes though, when the little girl meets the aviator. The aviator is not like anyone else in town, in fact people try their best to avoid him. Once the little girl and the aviator meet, they instantly become close friends. The aviator is one who is full of character, opening the little girl up to possibilities. The little girl now struggles between picking what her life path will be: conforming with society or being her own person. Whilst having to pick her future the aviator shares his story of the little prince. The aviator helps open the little girl up to new possibilities, which turns out to be the key to happiness. This movie is family friendly, but it’s also a great pick for anyone no matter how old, as they learn about growing up through beautiful animations.

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