Blessed, Not Stressed

By Hannah Morais

Life can be so stressful. School, sports, friends, electronics, and extracurricular activities are great, but they can sometimes get in the way of truly taking time to relax.

And now, exams are coming up, making pressure and homework rise higher and higher. Just getting through the day without feeling anxious or extremely overwhelmed can become increasingly difficult. Concentration at school becomes harder under stress, and it is easier to feel exhausted. There is a solution to the stress of our lives, though. We aren’t completely trapped in this cycle of busyness and craziness that takes charge over our daily lives. A three-letter word is our only antidote: G-O-D. Yes, this sounds obvious and cliché, but it’s true. When we ask God for help instead of trying to handle life on our own, a great and stressful burden is lifted from our shoulders. But sometimes, we channel our stress into something other than God. When we rely on excessive technology, working, eating, or when we overexert ourselves, we are not giving our problems to God, but to other things. In doing this, we actually create more stress on ourselves. If we are unsure how to let God in, we can whisper this prayer, “God, it is hard to be so stressed out, and I need your help. I give you all my burdens.” By doing this, we make some room for Him in our lives, and start a pattern of prayer that connects us to His love.

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