Music Reviews

Music Review: The Stranger by Billy Joel

By Brendan Downes

Billy Joel is an artist who needs little introduction, and “The Stranger” is a key reminder of that fact. Joel’s catchy piano and sincere voice do not fail to deliver true, captivating music. 

Though the piano leads the way, Joel’s backing band accompanies him throughout his more grandiose songs. “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” serves as an example of Joel’s catchy piano, melodious voice, and rhythmic backing. Being more than seven minutes long, this song also demonstrates the ambitiousness and talent of Billy Joel. 

Joel has scored the lives of many American listeners by playing the role of a sage storyteller. He tells stories of opportunity and purpose on “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” and “Vienna” while also sharing his wisdom on truth, tradition, and love throughout the album. By touching on these concepts, Joel prevents “The Stranger” from becoming just another catchy album, he creates a timeless work of art. 

Contemporary Music Recommendation

By Maddy Lundberg

This week’s album is called “Apricot Princess” by Rex Orange County. This is one of my
favorite contemporary albums of all time. Everything that this album contains is amazing. The
sounds that these songs produce are so immaculate, and they leave me satisfied as each song
drifts into the next. My favorite song on this album is either “Four Seasons” or “Never Enough.”
Although these are very different types of songs with different meanings, they both are very
close to my heart and remind me of things that make me happy. I think that anyone who is
interested in alternative/indie music would enjoy this album, along with many other songs that
Rex Orange County produces. This is easily one of his most top selling albums, close to “Pony,”
but many of his fans recognize most of these songs from the concerts, meaning that they are
extremely easy to listen and vibe with. I give this album a 10/10 and as always, I hope you all just enjoy it.

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