The Pandiaries

Presented by the Girl Scouts

We want to hear from you! 3 Notre Dame Girl Scouts, Amelia Hunt, Bea Davis, and Nina Combs are working on a project as they journey to their Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. The goal of their project is to collect stories from YOU about your experiences during the pandemic, whether you have had the virus or not. Their website, Pandiary (pandemic diary), is a place to share anything you have experienced during COVID-19. Entries are anonymous, so feel free to talk about any struggles you have faced, things you did to pass the time, how you’ve changed, anything really. The entries will be used at the end of the pandemic as a historical resource for anyone looking for information about this time. If you complete an entry, then text your name and screenshot a portion of your entry to (423) 827-2681 or (423) 713-1694, your name will be put on an out of uniform day list for a later date. Enter your submissions at this link:

Thanks for helping us achieve our goal!

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