National Holidays

By Olivia Mildenberger


Many people may not know this but yesterday was World Osteoporosis Day. Around fifty-four million Americans suffer from this life changing disease. Not only is it expensive to deal with this disease, but it also can seriously affect your mobility. Osteoporosis causes the body to not make enough bone, lose serious amounts of bone, and make the bones so brittle that just a sneeze can cause a fracture. Constant pain is present with Osteoporosis patients and it can even cause their height to change. If you know anyone who is suffering from Osteoporosis, make sure to think of them today. I personally have never heard of this disease that causes struggles to so many people all over the world. Now that I have investigated Osteoporosis, I realize that it is our responsibility to spread awareness to this common disease. Not only on today, but every day we should keep these people in our thoughts and prayers. Let us let them know that we are thinking of them today. If you are interested in donating, please visit the National Osteoporosis Foundation to see how you can help.


During this crazy year, it is important to remember the medical assistants who are working on the front lines. These talented individuals assist physicians and medical professionals with both clinical assistance and administrative assistance. These workers usually spend about forty hours a week taking blood, working the front desk, and doing daily tasks that need to be done in the workplace. This COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a large amount of stress on many individuals, especially medical professionals who risk their health to help others. If you know someone who has faced the frontlines of this virus, take the time to say thank you!

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