Music and Movie Reviews

Lush by Snail Mail

By Brendan Downes

Snail Mail weaves together an intricate collection of songs full of detailed guitar riffs and chord progressions while still creating an accessible indie album. Lush is the debut album of Baltimore guitarist Lindsey Jordan, under the name of her solo project “Snail Mail”.

Jordan establishes that the core of her music is the guitar as she directs her songs with reverb filled playing. While Jordan’s twinkly guitar playing is hard to miss, her lyrics feel deeply personal yet subtle. In songs like “Heat Wave” and “Pristine”, she expertly blends these two elements to create a story her audience can follow, while keeping the story just mysterious enough to hold their attention.

Snail Mail avoids a common problem indie solo projects often face, emptiness. Jordan’s music is built off momentum, she fills every space with sound and rarely slows down, though she still embraces the lo-fi sound that allows the listener to feel like they are listening to a piece of raw unedited art. Lush invites all listeners in with its catchy guitar but does not shy away from showcasing the intricate riffs and poetic lyrics of Lindsey Jordan. Snail Mail does not fail to represent the Baltimore rock scene with the unapologetically unique album.

Enola Holmes

By Vanessa Lewis and Cara Steinmetz

If you are looking for something to watch, one of today’s most recent hits, Enola Holmes, may just be for you. A spinoff of the classic tale of Sherlock Holmes, Enola is the youngest in her family, spending most of her life with her mother. Though she has two brothers (Sherlock and Mycroft), they went off to live their own lives years ago, leaving just Enola and her mother, since her father passed when she was young. Enola and her mother are very similar, both being independent, strong, and intelligent women. Out of the blue, Enola’s mother vanishes. Unaware of her mother’s whereabouts she summons her brothers. Shortly after her older brothers’ arrival, instead of devoting their time to finding their mother her brother, Mycroft, decides to send Enola off to a school for being more lady-like. Enola decides to not conform and rather look for her mother.  Along the way she encounters a boy by the name of Tewksbury, they are both facing many dangers and face near death multiple times. Will they escape danger, and will Enola find her mother? You will have to find out.  

Music Recommendation: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

By Maddy Lundberg

This week’s classic album recommendation is “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!” This album is by Elton John and was released in 1973. This album has many classic songs featured in movies and advertisements all around the world. Many songs from this album are featured in the movie “Rocketman,” which told the story of John’s life. Some of my personal favorite songs from “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!” are “Saturday Night,” “Bennie and the Jets,” and “Candle in the Wind.” I recommend all these songs if you are interested in classic rock or a song that will give you a pick me up. To date, this album has sold over 30 million copies around the world and is widely known as John’s magnum opus. It is also a great listen!

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